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General FAQ
What kinds of items does Minimal accept?
We accept all clothing.
Does Minimal pay me for my clothing?
No, we will pick up your clothing for free, and we make sure it all goes to a better place. We resell what we can (far less than 20% of what we get) and the rest, we donate to our partners.
What does Minimal do with my clothing?
The vast majority of clothing we pick up is donated directly to local charities (our partners) that need your items. A small portion, usually much less than 20%, is resold with a portion of the earnings being donated to one of our partners as well.
Why does Minimal resell items at all?
We need to resell some items to help support our operations and keep pickups free. Other services sometimes charge their charity partners hundreds of dollars per bin for your donated items. We don't think this is very helpful to non-profits, especially when they're in need of donations. So, we resell some items to keep everything free and make sure we're helping the community as much as possible.
How does Minimal reselling my clothes help anyone?
For your clothes that we sell ourself, we give 20% of that money directly to one of our partners, HandUp. They directly help out the homeless in San Francisco and they do a really good job at it. All the stuff of yours that we sell is directly helping someone who is homeless.
Home Organizer FAQ
How can I sign up to have a Home Organizer account?
If you already have a regular ccount, email us at support@gominimal.com. If you're creating a new home organizer account, you can do that here.
How does it work if I schedule on behalf of my clients?
You can use your Home Organizer account to schedule pickups for different clients and manage their upcoming ones. When scheduling a pickup for a client, you enter the client's information (Name, Email and Address). You, the Home Organizer, will get the confirmation email after its scheduled. See an example here.
Pickup FAQ
When can I schedule a pickup?
Currently, you can schedule weekdays 10AM - 10PM, and weekends 10AM - 6PM. Pickups must be scheduled at least 2 hours in advance, so if its 4:30 on a weekday, the earliest pickup time you can schedule is 7PM.
Why are some scheduled times disabled?
If our normal hours are unavailable, it simply means that too many people have scheduled for that time and we are overbooked. We're sorry if this causes an inconvenience for you. We're trying to make sure we have enough available drivers during these times.
What happens if I miss my pickup?
No worries, we'll send you an email to reschedule it. But please try not to miss scheduled pickups, if users are frequently missing pickups, we might have to start charging for them. Help us keep pickups free by being there when you schedule them.
Donation FAQ
Who does Minimal donate my items to?
We have all the information about our partners here on our partners page.
Why work with local partners?
When it comes to physical goods, it takes the least amount of resources if the recipients are local. There's less transportation costs, and whenever possible, goods are directly given to people in need. We also believe that it's valuable for people to know there have been improvements in their local community as a result of their donations.
How do we select our partners?
We like partners that strive to maximize the value passed on to recipients, and actively improve the local community.
Can I choose which non-profit Minimal donates my items to?
Not right now. We'd like to open this feature up to the public eventually, though.
Can I get a donation receipt for the stuff I get rid of?
Yes! Although Minimal is a for-profit company, our partners let us pass on donation receipts to you. After we process your pickup, we send you the donation receipt by email for the clothing we donated as-is to charity. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a donation receipt for the items we resold, but usually that is less than 20% of a pickup.
Acceptable Items
Used or new clothing
Blankets, Towels, Toiletries (new) & Bags
Books, electronics, CDs & DVDs
School & office supplies
Other household items
Please Don't Give Us
Building materials, furniture or mattresses
Weights or workout equipment
Perishable, hazardous or dangerous materials
Things obviously unusable by others or larger than 36" x 36" x 36"