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Declutter your closet
 for a good cause.

Give your clothing a better home.

Have clothes you never use anymore? We can pick them up free of charge and make sure it goes to a good cause. We support local efforts to improve the community.
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How We Donate

We either donate your unwanted clothes to select local charities or resell it and donate a portion of the earnings. Usually, more than 80% is donated to charity as-is and less than 20% is resold.

Simple & Convenient

It's super easy. Just schedule a free pickup, and we'll be at your door in a few hours. We even come in the evenings after work and will send your donation receipt by email.
Pickup & Sorting
Up to 5 bags
Just by donating your clutter, you can have a positive impact in your local community.

Our Partners

We try to keep donations as local as possible. We donate the majority of items to some of the best local charities. From reselling items, we generate funding to help people in need in the San Francisco Bay Area. These are our current partners:
St. Anthony's
The Arc San Francisco

About Us

Our mission is to improve the world through decluttering.
With the kindness of local citizens, we strive to positively impact their communities as well as the planet as a whole. In the US, the average citizen gets rid of 82lbs of textiles (clothes, towels, etc) a year alone. While 95% of it can be reused or recycled, only about 15% actually is. The remaining 85% goes to our landfills. By facilitating the reuse and recycle of consumer goods, we're decreasing the amount reaching our landfills as well as the amount of natural resouces being used to produce new goods.
Thank you for helping in our mission and making your community a better place.
Acceptable Items
Used or new clothing
Blankets, Towels, Toiletries (new) & Bags
Books, electronics, CDs & DVDs
School & office supplies
Other household items
Please Don't Give Us
Building materials, furniture or mattresses
Weights or workout equipment
Perishable, hazardous or dangerous materials
Things obviously unusable by others or larger than 36" x 36" x 36"